»  Discover how makeup products damage your skin

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Have you ever wondered if the make-up products and creams you are using are the right ones for your skin type or not? Are they suitable for your skin demands? Even if they were of good quality, does it show on your face? For you want to be confident that what you are using is the suitable product for your skin, make sure you never feel any of the following symptoms:


Skin irritation: the first indicator that shows that the existing substances in the product are not compatible with your skin. Mainly, the cosmetics that cause this type of irritation are perfumes that you must be careful with since they are the main problem for skin irritations.

Skin color: if you apply your foundation cream or concealer and you found, after a while, that your skin color is becoming weird and getting darker than usual, wash your face immediately because the existing bacteria reacts with your skin in a negative way and the cosmetics’ validity period must be over.

Hair loss or appearance: any weird factors related to hair appearance on your face or hair loss mean that the cosmetics are not suitable for your skin type. Mainly, irons existing in make-up products are the main cause of this.

Itching eyes: when you apply the make-up in your eyes and feel they became red and itchy, you should know that what you used is dangerous and it is necessary to immediately remove your make-up.

Mood swings: the relation between your make-up and your mood is really strange; if you wear make-up and had nervous reactions, be sure that your skin is asking you to remove your make-up.