»  Seven Tips to get rest

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Are you starting to feel upset and the sky is full with clouds? Take off your depression and sadness and follow these seven tips in order to get rest and feel calm:

Don’t be curious in things that make you feel uncomfortable, but be curious about things that make you feel good.

Accept things and deal with them on this basis and do not waste time in looking backwards and wishing things did not happen. But do not give up to reality.

Look at the positive sides in everything: not everything is completely negative or positive. It always has both sides.

Tension and anger might drive you sometimes to take immature decision, think wisely and do not let your reactions take decisions for you.

Have self-confidence when you are having a problem and do not let others take decisions for you or give you advices. Only you decide what you want.

Most of the times the solution of the problem is in admitting you are wrong: do not be late in taking this step; admitting you are wrong is a virtue.